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Code: BTXM0012
Size: 76cm x 1.5m
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

• Wall & window decoration
• Giant Santa door cover
• indoor or outdoor use
• Sold individually

Why not welcome the yuletide season in a literal way? Unique and eccentric Christmas accessories such as this Giant Santa Door Cover are an exciting decorative twist! This is no ordinary yuletide sign or die-cut ornament. This is a humungous and tangible way of ushering in Christmas with no less than the plump man symbolizing the spirit of gift giving! The door cover showcases the giant Santa Claus cameo stretched out to give a full length picture. The jovial door sign could entirely cover your threshold with its wide size measurement. After all, it is 1.5m x 760MM in dimension. It is made from high quality and durable materials to withstand the season's weather conditions. Welcoming visitors in your doorsteps this Christmas is made more fun! The colourful and huge Santa picture gestures them to come in as he stands at the door. The back drop showcases a cute puppy with Christmas trees and candles in the background.


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