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Colour: Red
Size: 450 metres x 5 mm
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

• Standard curling ribbon
• red.

Red ribbons are very festive and forever associated with the holidays. This STANDARD CURLING RIBBON - RED - 450 METRES X 5MM should be a staple to any home for Christmas and all year round.

This is a nice ribbon, and has a small width, giving it more movement. This can be stuffed in Christmas bags and can be used in wrapping presents as well. Tie some on a champagne's neck for some added festive touch.

This ribbon can be used in so many ways. It can be used as a confetti, in flower bouquets, in candy boxes, and for crafts too.

With so many things you can use it for, the STANDARD CURLING RIBBON - RED - 450 METRES X 5MM gives great value for money and will not be put to waste. For some added accents, there's also metallic finish curling ribbons available. This and the metallic one will add some glitz to your gifts.


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