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Code: BTXM0014
Size: 762mm x 1524mm
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• Wall & window decoration
• Giant Santa reading on the loo door cover
• Dimension 76cm X 1.5m
• Sold individually


Santa is so busy getting ready for Christmas that he has to work every moment possible, including when he's on the loo! This cheeky door cover features Santa sitting on the loo while he reads over the list of children he has to deliver to on Christmas morning. Decked out in his suit and green-and-white striped socks, it's clear this man is devoted to his job and ready for the big day! At 76cm x 1.5m, the door cover can fully cloak the surface of most doors and can also double as humorous wall art that doesn't take up a lot of space. With its bold and vibrant colors, you can spot it from a distance away. It's certainly a conversation starter that will have everyone talking during the holidays. Check out Christmas Warehouse for more unique and charming decorative accents that will transform your home during the holidays.


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