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Code: CERA1919
Colour: Red & Concrete
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Offered for the first time, this concrete look range will suit a simple or industrial theme! This double star, nesting ceramic ornament is simple in its design but has great decorative impact. The outer star has a matte concrete grey look, while the smaller nesting star has a gloss & glitter look in vibrant red. Looks great either nesting or seperate to create depth in your display

  • Standing nesting 5 point star ceramic & concrete look ornament
  • Outer star is a concrete grey look, while the smaller nesting star is red with subtle glitter
  • Dimension 20cm x 40mm x 20cm
  • Sold individually

    A splash of colour and style can add Christmas to your modern home or office. Suits an industrial style, and also looks great with a scandinavian blonde wood theme too!

    Give a festive personality to your business or home atmosphere by placing this rustic yet striking double star standing ornament among your Christmas tabletop displays, on the hearth, desk, coffee or end table or kitchen counter. Combine it with red and silver baubles to create a holiday vignette on the mantel, counter or in the foyer of any place.

    The outer grey concrete hollowed star is crafted in rustic fashion with a glossy red inner star that gives a splash of colour to this decoration. This is a newly introduced item that looks artistic and modern and will suit any contemporary or industrial theme. It is sold individually and is 20cm in length and breadth with a thickness of 4cm. Use it to create a welcoming atmosphere in your interior or add it to a Christmas scene along with other ornaments, some faux snow, red berries and holly or just by itself as a centrepiece.