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Code: CERA1714
Colour: Red with Black, Green, White & Orange
Size: 80mm x 60mm x 12cm (Jug)
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Start the family tradition of leaving milk & cookies for Santa with this delightful jug & plate set.This 2 piece set will take pride of place on Christmas Eve

  • Ceramic milk jug & cookie tray set
  • 'Milk for Santa' on jug & 'Snack for Santa' on tray
  • A great Christmas Eve tradition leaving the cookies & milk out for Santa
  • Red & green jug & tray decorated with Santa's belt & holly leaves with red holly berries
  • Dimension Jug = 80mm x 60mm x 12cm, Tray = 21cm x 12cm x 20mm
  • Sold as a set of 2

    What will you leave out for Santa this Christmas Eve? This jug & plate set is perfect for milk & cookies or anything else you think Santa may fancy...

    Who doesn't love putting milk and cookies out for Santa on Christmas Eve? After working so hard, he deserves his very own tableware, such as this two-piece Ceramic Milk For Santa Jug & Cookie Set. Their decorative designs will fit in with the rest of your holiday decor so you can display the pieces right up until the big day.

    This tray is the ideal size for a serving of fresh cookies to keep Santa going through the next part of his journey, and the jug features a spout to allow for easy pouring. Beautifully decorated, this set can make a wonderful gift for all those who enjoy leaving plenty of thoughtful snacks out on Christmas Eve, and they're items you can continue to pass down from one generation to the next. The tray and jug are easy to wash, and when packaged carefully, they can stay in great shape for the following Christmas.