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Code: DECRH858
Colour: Champagne
Size: 12cm x 10mm x 12cm
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

Perfect hanging ornament to fill your tree this year. The wreath is a lovely warm champagne coloured glitter with bow at the base

  • Wreath shaped hanging ornament
  • Decoration is champagne glitter with a bow at the base
  • Dimension 12cm x 10mm x 12cm
  • Sold individually

    Fill your Christmas tree with champagne and glitter with a traditional wreath hanging decoration.

    A must-have for any decor enthusiast, this champagne glitter with a bow hanging ornament is here to bedeck your Christmas tree, garland, and wreath and add a festive ambience to any Christmas setting! Embellished in champagne coloured glitter, this vibrant Christmas wreath has characteristic knobby textures and is designed with a bow at the bottom having four loops and V-shaped tails.

    This gorgeous ornament can be used in various themes that are available on our website, like Chocolate & Champagne, Elegant Golds or Christmas Sparkle. Just mix and match with the different items to create a lovely colour-coordinated look. You may even remove its string and utilize it in place settings or use many more of these as table scatters or placeholder embellishments that are certain to charm your guests while bringing cheer to your surroundings! Use it to adorn handcrafted welcome signs or even turn them into holiday magnets!