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Code: DECRTT68
Colour: Champagne & Gold
Size: 25cm x 50mm x 33cm
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

Your tree will shine bright with this intricate tree topper. The star and base is covered in a lovely champagne coloured glitter - with the decorative piece in the centre covered in gold glitter and silver jewel embellishments. The topper has a coiled base for easy use and is 33 cm in height. Sold individually

  • Intricate star tree topper with gold glitter feature
  • Star and base is covered in champagne coloured glitter
  • The decorative piece sits in the centre, comprising of gold glitter and silver jewel embellishments
  • Coiled conical base for easy placement on tree or surface
  • Dimension 25cm x 50mm x 33cm
  • Sold individually

    A magnificent way to make your tree stand out, with an intricate design centred around a jeweled centre. It's irresistible!

    This eye-catching champagne-coloured gold glitter tree topper has a unique star design with decorative gold pieces and jewel embellishments that will give any tree a stunning look! Freestanding due to the coiled base, this topper can also be used year-round as a unique centrepiece or a splendid adornment on the display shelf or mantle.

    Sparkling with gold glitter, our three-dimensional five-point star has diamond-like jewels thoughtfully added by hand to create a visually pleasing makeup that whimsically reflects the evening lights! The swirly champagne coloured glitter spring that is attached at the bottom gives a nice, snug and secure fit on treetop branch. This star alone is enough to give that gorgeous finish to your newly decorated tree and you can even add in additional bright ornaments, faux snow and fairy-lights for a holiday-inspired vignette. This versatile ornament is 33cm in height, ships worldwide and is sold individually.