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Code: PREDF214
Colour: Champagne & Pink on Green
Size: 45cm x 11cm x 45cm

  • Beautiful pink & champagne Christmas wreath with Baubles, mistletoe stems, ribbon box & whiskers
  • Bauble decorations include various sized pink & champagne in matte, gloss & matte with gold glitter stripes
  • Floral foliage includes champagne sequined mistletoe stems
  • Extra decor includes a gold & champagne striped ribbon box & champagne glittered whisker loops scattered throughout
  • Dimension 45cm x 11cm x 45cm
  • Simply unpack & spruce with no assembly required
  • This product may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Sold as a pre-decoration

    This splendid pink and champagne wreath is perfect for celebrating the holiday season and will brighten up a bare wall with its unique style. Designed for indoor or covered outdoor use, this hanging decoration is full of greenery making for a nature-inspired display that is brightly designed with champagne and pink coloured baubles that add a feminine touch.

    This 45cm piece is crafted from dark green branches, and also features wire sprays and gold glittered leaves with some gold sequins for a subtle, lustrous accent wherever it hangs. Glossy and glittery, this wreath will look especially dazzling on the front door where it can often catch the light of streetlamps! A versatile holiday wreath like this will not only look great on your door, but you can also use it in a festive display, or even as a unique centrepiece on a larger dining table or as a large candle ring.