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Code: XMACG179
Colour: Not Applicable
Size: 24cm x 17cm (each outer stencil)

  • Reusable paper snow spray Christmas stencils
  • Eight winter Christmas single & story themes with a theme per sheet
  • Single themes include baubles, snowflake, Reindeer & Christmas tree
  • Story themes include candles & mistletoe by the window, rugged up kids tobogganing, snowman with a broom & snow home with tree & active chimney
  • Dimension 70cm x 80cm (outer stencil)
  • Use with Santa snow spray to give your windows that frosted winter feel
  • Great for spraying snow on windows, glass, mirrors & other surfaces
  • Decorate the windows at home, school, work or even your car!
  • This product may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Snow spray not included & sold separately
  • Sold as a eight themes on one sheet

    Give your home the frosted window feel with these adorable snow stencils

    Add the christmas charm to your modern australian home with these resuable christmas themed stencils for snow spray. These stencils help add a frosty christmas feel to your glass surfaces with their adorable designs and beautiful outcomes. These resurable stencils come as single themes and story themes that add depth and meaning to your christmas cheer. The single themes include baudbles, snowflakes, reindeers, and christmas tree whereas story themes include diverse imagery such as snowman with a broom, candles and mistletoe by the window, snow home with tree and an active chimney and more. This adorable snow spray stencils make for a fun christmas decoration activity with children and help bring in the festivities. They also make for a great christmas gift to your loved ones before the festivities begin. The snow spray is not included and must be bought separately.