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Code: STCKPL22
Colour: Green
Size: 50cm x 90cm
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

Santa will not miss this sack if it is sitting under your tree this year! Sack is bright green fleece, with Elf face stitched on the front and a big red belt at the base - completing the Elf 'body' look. To add that extra fun factor - the Elf has legs protruding from the base of the sack! Wearing fantastic red & white striped stockings and black boots - this Elf sack is ready to be stuffed full of toys

  • Fun, bright green Santa sack with Elf detailing
  • Sack is bright green fleece with Elf face stitched on
  • Elf has brown hair & is wearing a Santa hat in red with green trim
  • Red belt with black buckle sits near the base - finishing the Elf's body
  • Elf legs come out from the bottom of the sack - with red & white striped socks & black boots
  • Drawstring at the neck of the sack for easy sealing
  • Dimension 50cm x 90cm
  • Sold individually

    A Santa sack is a wonderful thing for children to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve, and gives them so much joy and excitement as they pull each present out one by one, or...just get them out all at once. This super-cute elf design is colourful and inviting.

    The Elf With Dangling Legs Green Santa Sack is definitely a charmingly colourful drawstring bag that is as functional as it is decorative. This bag features a predominantly lemon green colour with a stitched on elf. The elf wears the traditional Santa hat with white pom pom but instead of white trims, this hat has green trims instead.

    Santa is known to carry red duffel bags containing gifts. Well, it seems elves prefer the vivid colour of lemon green. This elf boy themed sack features a green coloured sack with the stitched in image of an elf boy who dons a Santa red hat having a white pom pom but with fluffy green trims instead of the traditional white trims. As is usual with elves, this elf boy has pointy ears and a cheerful smile. This sack has is girded by a red belt with black buckles. There are two dangling legs painted in white and red horizontal stripes and black boots. The sack has a red drawstring which allows you to easily seal it up and open. Order now, kids especially would love it.