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Code: WRTH99L2
Colour: Green
Size: 90cm x 22cm x 90cm

It's hard to find a wreath this large ready for your decorating flair, and we always sell out of this particular one. Thick with tips, it's a simple wreath with no features to get in the way of your decorating skills.

  • Balsam pine non-decorated Christmas wreath
  • Natural look wreath has 354 green needle tips
  • Dimension 90cm x 22cm x 90cm
  • Simply unpack with some sprucing required
  • This product may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Large decorations make building a commercial DIY Christmas display easy
  • Commercial decorations can be used for work or home Christmas celebration, wreaths are a great centrepiece canvas
  • Sold individually

    Christmas wreaths are powerful symbols of the Yuletide season, and this giant balsam pine wreath provides that symbolism in a simple but elegant package. The wreath itself is 900 millimetres in circumference, making it large enough to occupy a more prominent part of your home or office. The added size also allows you to attach additional decor on the wreath itself, allowing you to add a dash of white and red to blend in with the colours of Christmas. The wreath is also durable enough to adapt to both indoor and outdoor environments. The best part is that the wreath is shipped to all parts of Australia in a simple-to-open package. Just open up the box, unpack the wreath, spruce it up and there you go, a perfectly green wreath that you can attach anywhere you need! We also offer other Christmas trinkets that go well with the giant balsam pine wreath. Simply check our catalogue and pick out whatever catches your fancy!