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Code: TABLR162
Colour: Gold
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Create your dream table with this gold table runner. The runner has a gold textured base which borders both sides of the centre strip. Champagne coloured organza sits in the centre - featuring a traditional gold leaf & swirl print. Fine, metallic gold tassels hang gently at either end of the runner

  • Create your dream table with this gold table runner
  • Runner has a thick gold textured boarder which runs either side of printed centre strip
  • Centre strip is champange organza with traditional gold leaf & swirl print
  • Metallic gold tassles hand at both ends of the runner
  • 1.8m X 33cm in dimension
  • Sold individually

    The Christmas Lunch table (or Christmas dinner, depending on your families tradition,) can be a hard thing to create. But a simple addition like this gold table runner, and some gold bon bons and you will have set a very elegant stage indeed!