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Code: TABLR162
Colour: Gold with Champagne
Size: 1.8m X 33cm
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Create your dream table with this gold table runner. The runner has a gold textured base which borders both sides of the centre strip. Champagne coloured organza sits in the centre - featuring a traditional gold leaf & swirl print. Fine, metallic gold tassels hang gently at either end of the runner

  • Create your dream table with this gold table runner
  • Runner has a thick gold textured boarder which runs either side of printed centre strip
  • Centre strip is champagne organza with traditional gold leaf & swirl print
  • Metallic gold tassels hand at both ends of the runner
  • Dimension 1.8m X 33cm
  • Sold individually

    The Christmas Lunch table (or Christmas dinner, depending on your families tradition,) can be a hard thing to create. But a simple addition like this gold table runner, and some gold bon bons and you will have set a very elegant stage indeed!

    The Gold Table Runner With Printed Organza Centre Panel is a beautifying gold runner with the chic combination of gold and champagne colours. This table runner features a centre strip with a champagne coloured organza which has ornate floral patterns. This is then bordered by gold coloured strips on either side while ending in an arrow-shaped end with gold tassels dangling from it.

    Are you planning on inviting a couple of family, friends and/or colleagues over for dinner this coming Christmas? Then ensure your dining table is perfectly set and inviting by getting this Gold Table Runner With Printed Organza Centre Panel. Perceptive hosts and hostesses know fully well that the way a table is set goes a great deal in contributing to the enjoyment of any meal. Therefore, why not give your dining table such an enchanting look this Christmas by having this champagne and gold coloured table runner decorate your table? The ornate floral pattern and the velvety smoothness would arouse a sort of curiosity and admiration in your guests.