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Code: XMACH176
Colour: Greem with Red, Orange & Gold
Size: 17cm x 29cm (including headband)

  • Iconic green Christmas tree decorated headband
  • Tree decorated with red & green soft baubles, green tinsel with red stars & gold tree top star
  • Dimension 17cm x 29cm (including headband)
  • One size fits most
  • Christmas headbands are fun, add flair & are an easy fit
  • Suitable for adults & children
  • Santa hats, reindeer antlers & Christmas headwear are perfect for any Christmas celebration
  • This product may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Sold individually

    The colours and motif of Christmas are complete in this Decorated Green Christmas Tree Headband With Tinsel. If you were looking to buy headbands for this Xmas, then this is the perfect choice you'll be glad to have bought. It has leaves, stars, Christmas tree, a colourful assortment of pom poms, and a gold coloured star topper. What more could you be looking for in a headband?

    When you wear the Decorated Green Christmas Tree Headband With Tinsel this Christmas, you'll literally be carrying a fully decorated Christmas tree around on your head. This is because this headband is crafted in the image of a pine Christmas tree complete with its ornamental decorations of stars, colourful pom poms which represent baubles and a gold coloured star topper. Since it is made of tinsel material and tinsel always shine and glitter especially under light, you can be sure to expect green glow from your headband. It comes in a single head size that fits most. When placing your order, remember that it is also an inexpensive gift item.