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Code: DISP1913
Colour: Gold
Size: 23cm x 23cm x 55cm
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

Decorate your home or work with this stunning metallic gold & gold glitter finial. This large decoration has slightly flattened metallic gold baubles with thin gold glitter striped detailing

  • Stunning metallic gold finial with gold glitter detailing
  • Finial has 1 x flattened gold bauble with gold glitter striping, 1 x flattened gold bauble with gold glitter detailing & various shapes each descending in size towards the base
  • Dimension 23cm x 23cm x 55cm
  • Sold individually

    Decorating your office or venue is made easy with a stylish gold finial. Mix and match with other items from the range to create an elegant look.

    Add a touch of glitz and glamour to your home with this large gold finial that is made from slightly flattened metallic gold baubles with a tapering base. One look at this splendid ornament is an instant reminder of this wonderful time of year and it definitely makes the atmosphere of any room or venue more festive.

    Each bauble along with the entire decoration has delicate, shiny gold glitter striped detailing and the metallic gold colour with the glitter makes the ornament shine brighter. Measuring 55cm in height and 22cm in width, this oh-so-festive finial is a must-have that can also be used as a standalone display or combined with other holiday decorations! There is a thin gold string looped through its top white eyelet so that you can hang it from the ceiling, against a wall or near your holiday display. This product ships worldwide and can also make a useful gift.