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Code: DISP1911
Colour: Red with Gold Glitter
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Decorate your home or work with this stunning apple red and gold glitter finial. This large decoration has metallic red baubles with thin gold glitter striped detailing

  • Stunning metallic apple red finial with gold glitter detailing
  • Finial has 1 x red bauble with gold glitter striping, 1 x bauble with gold glitter detailing & various shapes each descending in size towards the base
  • 85cm x 30cm in dimension
  • Sold individually

    Home, office, or venue decorating? This on-trend finial is perfect for decorating with its matching pieces, or even stand alone. Red with gold glitter striping makes for a truly elegant finial.

    A new addition to the festive collection, this large metallic apple red finial with gold glitter strips is the perfect way to decorate your home, business or any venue this holiday season. You can adorn doors, walls, entrances, the porch and more with this fantastic finial for a splash of traditional red and gold colours that will give your space a Christmassy appeal!

    This huge decoration is a combination of red baubles with gold glitter striped detailing and various shapes, each tapering in size towards the base. Measuring 85cm in total length and 30cm in width, this finial will look stunning when suspended from above in a large area as it will wonderfully emphasize its dimensional construction and size! There is a small gold ring at the top to attach a cord, ribbon or wire of your choice and you can also make it a lovely display for the entry of weddings, parties and other events! This product is designed for indoor use and is sold individually.