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Code: LITEFR16
Colour: Green on Natural
Size: 20cm x 25mm x 29cm

Natural wood meets contemporary neon in a gorgeous table top display. Conveniently battery operated with a soft green neon tube embedded in the wood, you can use this tree anywhere.

  • Wooden MDF tree with green neon tube tree silhouette
  • Light display includes LED in green neon flex tube
  • Made from natural timber
  • Dimension 20cm x 25mm x 29cm
  • Suitable for indoor use only
  • 3 x AAA batteries not included
  • Sold individually

    The use of Christmas trees as part of the traditional Christmas decoration items is an ancient practice said to have originated amongst the Egyptians and Romans. The popular choice of Christmas tree has been and remains the coniferous species like pines, fir and spruce. It is from this long standing tradition that this craftily designed LED Green Neon Tube Light On Wooden Tree Silhouette derives its inspiration.

    The LED Green Neon Tube Light On Wooden Tree Silhouette is a classic Christmas light that combines the decorative feature of two popular Christmas ornaments. It is a 2-in-1 ornament that fuses the decorative importance and visual appeal of Christmas trees with the charming aesthetic effect of Christmas lights. The artfully designed light features a wooden frame made from 100% natural wood in the coniferous shapeliness of Christmas trees. On this wooden Christmas tree is the green neon LED tube light also patterned in the shape of a Christmas tree. It emits such appealing green glow which is made possible by its smart LED bulbs. Buy it now while it is still in stock.