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Code: XMACG166
Colour: Red, White & Black
Size: 39cm x 44cm (seat cover) & 54cm x 56cm (floor mat)
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At last! We can finally decorate the throne room! Add fun to all areas of your home with this cheeky 2 piece set. Toilet seat cover is red with Santa's face and the floor mat is Santa's 'suit' in red, with white trim down the centre, black buckle and yellow clip

  • Decorate the water closet in your household or workplace with this fun set
  • Set comes with a toilet mat & a toilet seat cover
  • Seat cover is red felt with Santa's face & is elasticised for easy fitting
  • Lavatory mat is a Santa suit look with red base, white trim down the centre & a black belt buckle with yellow clip
  • Dimension 39cm x 44cm (seat cover) & 54cm x 56cm (floor mat)
  • Sold as a 2 piece set

    In case you were wondering what else you could decorate, you can now take to a whole other level and decorate the most important seat in the house! Everyone loves a decorative Christmas toilet seat cover. Surely.

    The Santa Toilet Seat Cover & Floor Mat Set caters for that single part of the house we often neglect to decorate. This product is sold as a 2-in-1 set which includes a round toilet seat cover with stitched on Santa facial portrait and the other piece being a rectangular toilet foot mat with a design resembling Santa's usual robe. The mat features a vertical white line down the middle and a black belt-like line down the robe and has a yellow buckle.

    Do you often forget to decorate the restroom during Christmas? If yes, you're not the only one. If no, then kudos to you, you'll be interested in this decorative fabric then. This restroom decorating set features a toilet cover with Santa's white-haired white-bearded stitched on head. The second component of the set features a toilet mat that completes the rest of Santa's body as it is made in the form of Santa's robe complete with the black belt and gold buckle. Guests would sometimes want to use the restroom; it would give them a superb opinion of you when they meet this set decorating the restroom. It would also be an amazing piece to introduce to the office restroom also.