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Code: GARL1518
Colour: Red
Size: 7.6m x 40mm
More: 7.6m

  • Six point shiny red stars wired Christmas garland
  • Wire core allows for simple shape moulding
  • Ideally wrapped around Christmas tree or used on its own as a decoration
  • Dimension 7.6m x 50mm
  • Simply uncoil & wrap around your centrepiece
  • Wired garlands are great for decking out any celebration including birthdays, weddings, engagement or gatherings
  • This product may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Sold individually

    If you've been looking for a versatile Christmas decoration that can be used in many spaces from floor to ceiling in a home or business environment, you've found it in the Red Star Wired Garland. There are numerous ways that you can decorate with it whether you're using it in its current state or you're mixing it with other decor, such as glass containers, ribbon, ornaments, or real or artificial Christmas pine garland.

    Since the Christmas tree is one of the stars of the holiday, you can put the garland around it horizontally or drape each individual garland strand vertically for a delightful look. When done so in a safe manner, each single piece of garland can decorate various areas and items including door frames, railings, the base of lamps, televisions, mantels, or windows. You can use this garland as it currently is or trim it down to use for different small projects.