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Code: PICK1612
Colour: Silver
Size: 17cm x 60mm x 17cm with 20cm stem
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

  • Silver filigree poinsettia with chocolate sequins
  • Simply unpack & spruce
  • Dimension 17cm x 60mm x 17cm with 20cm stem
  • Sold individually

    This Silver Filigree Poinsettia Pick is brilliant on its own, but when several of them are paired together, they can come together to create an impressive display. You could put these picks in any clear or solid colour vase, but personalising the vase could make it something truly amazing.

    One of the ways to decorate a vase that features these silver picks is to spray-paint the vase a white or metallic silver colour. If you're using a large clear vase, you could fill it up with pine cones, large snowflake confetti, and small silver bells and put the picks in. You could also hang wrapped candy canes all along the outside of the vase with the picks standing upright inside. These filigree features are ideal to use for almost any centrepiece that you could dream up, and with just a few items, you could put them together in little time.