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Code: DECRTT67
Colour: Silver
Size: 27cm x 60mm x 38cm
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

Welcome Christmas & the New Year into your home with this festive tree topper! This silverburst topper is covered in silver glitter and with a thicker centre which thins as it explodes out - which creates a wonderful 'firework' effect. Topper has a coiled base for easy use and is 38 cm in height. Sold individually

  • Festive silver starburst tree topper
  • This stunning tree topper is covered in silver glitter
  • Burst is thicker at the centre - thinning out at the ends
  • Coiled conical base for easy placement on tree or surface
  • Dimension 27cm x 60mm x 38cm
  • Sold individually

    This silver glitter burst tree top can fit almost any theme from modern, traditional, and all through the glittery snowy collections.

    Add an extra special finishing touch to your Christmas tree with this silver glitter burst tree topper that is the perfect accompaniment to a traditional or modern tree and to any glittery snowy collections where silver takes the starring role. The design of this festive topper is similar to our gold glitter burst topper resembling a sparkler and will create a wonderful 'firework' effect when placed on top of your tree.

    This topper has a silver glitter coating that will reflect all your traditional fairy lights, giving your Christmas tree a truly dazzling effect! The coil base ensures a firm fit on most real and artificial Christmas trees and also allows the topper to stand upright in case you want to make it star as a unique centrepiece! The 38cm height and three-dimensional design of this tree topper make it an attractive and quality holiday addition for displaying year after year.