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Code: XMACCL28
Colour: Red with White, Black, Purple, Green & Blue
Size: 23cm x 23cm (minimum space required)

  • Removable self-adhesive static cling
  • Includes Santa & multiple gifts
  • Santa with his black skates is wearing a traditional red Santa suit
  • Present & ribbon bow colours includes blue, green & purple
  • Some presents, gift bows & parts of Santa can be individually moved
  • Dimension 23cm x 23cm (minimum space required)
  • Clings to windows, glass, mirrors & any non-porous smooth surface
  • Static window cling decorations can be used at home, school, workplace or even your car!
  • Easy to remove with no lingering residue
  • This product may vary slightly from image & dimensions
  • Sold as a set of complete Santa, skates & 6 presents

    Get this adorable skating santa and gifts window cling decoration for your home

    Add this beautiful skating santa and gifts christmas decoration to your home for a joyful touch of the christmas spirit. With removable self adhesive static cling, this santa window decoration is perfect for all windown in your home, whether bedrooms or living rooms. This decor is especially perfect for children's bedroom windows. This set includes santa on his adorable skates with multiple colourful gifts. In his adorable red suit, santa is ready to make some gift deliveries. Some of the gifts can be moved individually while some can be moved with santa as a whole. With a 23cmx23cm sizing, this decoration is perfect for medium to large windows across your home. The adhesive leaves no residue, making it easy to clean. Customise your arrangement and have a playful day of decorating with kids and loved ones with this dorable window cling.