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Code: OUDRTL13
Colour: Brown with White & Neutral White
Size: up to 70cm x 70cm x 1.5m
Shipping: This product ships within Australia only

Bring winter to your home or undercover area with this stunning snow accented forest branch tree. The simple and sparse brown tree has snow look touches and warm white LED lights for maximum effect

  • 3D winter forest LED tree
  • Dark brown trunk & branches with neutral white LED lights & snow accent
  • Wired branches for easy adjustment
  • Dimension up to 70cm x 70cm x 1.5m
  • Static burn only
  • For indoor or undercover use
  • Mains operated with low-voltage transformer
  • Product complies with Australian safety & performance requirements
  • Sold individually

    Sometimes is takes a statement piece like this starkly elegant winter branch tree. The tree itself is brown with white frosting, covered in warm white LED lights to moodily enhance your Christmas mood.

    Just like winter leaves all trees bare, so does this 3D Christmas light display do the same. It comes in the form of a 3D winter forest LED tree, with dark brown trunk and branches. It lights up in a static burn and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

    When using outdoors, this 3D Christmas light display should be sheltered from heavy wind or storm conditions. Otherwise, it could easily pass for an authentic birch tree, for those looking for that natural feel this Christmas, once plugged in. The gorgeous tree light will transport you to a realm of tranquillity. It can be used at home, on the balcony, in the office, porch, lobby, driveway, lawn, park, supermarket, coffee shop, and bar, not just for Christmas, but also for all other celebrations such as birthday parties and dinner parties. Let's not forget that you can also adjust the shape of this tree by bending the branches. Who can beat that?