The Christmas Warehouse has been supplying artificial trees to its customers since 1985 and in recent years the popularity of artificial trees in Australia has grown significantly. Click here for our range of Traditional Christmas trees, Fibre Optic Christmas trees, Snow trees and Table Top (smaller) trees.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing an artificial Christmas tree:

Appearance and style

Artificial Christmas trees from Christmas Warehouse are of the highest quality and are perfectly shaped. They are designed by the experts to resemble real trees. There are no missing pieces or crooked trunks. You can also choose your exact size, shade and foliage to fit your requirements. Your artificial tree will look good from year to year in the same condition as the day you bought it. There is no branch drooping or browning during the Christmas season or with age.


The convenience of an artificial tree from year to year is very comforting. Each tree is packed in its own quality box for annual storage. When you unpack your tree, it's simple to put together. The tree comes in easy to assemble sections and the branches are hinged for perfect display ... all that is required is a quick spruce of the branches. Unlike a real tree, their is no hassle bolting the trunk to the base or hassling with sticky pine needles and constant use of the vacuum cleaner. Your artificial tree does not require any watering or special care and maintenance. You can also set up your artificial tree long before Christmas and take it down at your convenience. It is also much easier to decorate an artificial Christmas tree than a real one.

Cost savings

Instead of spending your money on a real tree from year to year, buying an artificial tree is an investment that will last for years.

Health concerns and safety

With an artificial Christmas tree you don't have to worry about allergies that are so prevalent today.  Real Christmas trees also become a fire hazard as they dry out. Artificial trees are flame retardant and therefore safer for home and commercial installations.


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