If you are looking for diverse hanging ornaments with a variety of options to choose from then Christmas Warehouse is the place to visit this year! We have traditional, quaint decorations as well as the trendy, sleek decorations and hanging displays that are minimalist and natural. 


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Bags of assorted decorations especially the natural look and frosted white ones are the most popular Christmas decorations as well as items like natural wreaths, star ornaments and hanging natural wood decorations. With various Christmas themes available, we stock on a large collection of Christmas decorations so you are sure to find something that is perfect for your style. Ornaments can be bought as a part of a celebration, tradition or in the memory of someone or something. Be inspired by our enchanting array of natural Christmas ornaments that will fill any room with a fresh look of greenery and a rustic, outdoorsy feel!

There is a completely different feel to Christmas in Australia compared to other countries as it comes in the middle of summer. Since it is hot here in Australia, ornaments and decorations need to be more seasonal, relaxed and have more summery or tropical colours. When decorating during summer, keep in mind the season and try to incorporate more natural and light colours as compared to decorating for Christmas in July. If you will be spending more time outdoors or at the beach then you need to decorate your outdoor areas like patios, verandas or backyards too along with the interior of your place. Natural ornaments are ideal for decorating the outdoor spaces and add some interest along with festivity to the places that you spend most of your time in.

Ornaments in natural themes and colours for a festive home

If rustic holiday decor and natural Christmas ornaments are what you like then opt for the simplicity of our natural decorations rather than the heavy and traditional festive colours. Get fresh and adventurous with our bags of assorted decorative items that include natural or white frosted pinecones, berries, leaves, stars, baubles and greenery that you can use to decorate your home inside and out. Pinecones have a unique design and are the most popular fall and winter decorations as they look good with absolutely any style of decor. You may even use them in bunches of native flowers, garlands, swags or wreaths along with other natural items like even shells and pebbles from the beach. Children can help in the decorations to make them special and it will also keep the little ones busy during the holidays.

Even a clear glass bowl or vase filled with pinecones, branches, leaves and berries is lovely, summery and festive. It gives the room a nice touch of greenery and tea lights or votive candles in glass jars get transformed into elegant Christmas decorations when surrounded by natural pinecones and evergreens. And if you use some native fruits and spices while decorating then you can also fill your home with a wonderful seasonal scent. You can even simply scatter the decorative ornaments from the bag on a tray or serving platter and display them on the entryway table or holiday mantel. These are also great to embellish other Christmas displays, or tied as a bunch together and displayed wherever you wish. Wooden ornaments, signs and hanging displays have a certain rustic festive flair that evokes images of warm cosy fires and countryside living. Another fantastic and traditional way of making use of natural materials around the holidays is with wreaths - especially frosted, highlighted and evergreen wreaths. They are gorgeous, timeless and can be adorned with all sorts of fancy ribbons and embellishments although they look as beautiful on their own with the natural greenery, pinecones and berries. We also have the natural star and ball ornaments that can be hung or displayed freestanding and are crafted from wood, natural pinecones, berries, leaves among other items.