While Santa Claus, trees and Christmas decorations are traditions that have spread across the world over hundreds of years, other festive practices are more recent. The bon bon, for instance, (or Christmas Cracker as it's also known) made its way to us thanks to an English gentleman by the name of Thomas J Smith, who according to the tale, invented the cracker after visiting Paris and being inspired by their paper-wrapped sweets. The crack when you pull one, it's said, was designed to mimic the sound of a crackling log in a roaring fire.


Just as this image exudes the northern hemisphere Christmas tradition, so too, bon bons have become part and parcel of our own festive celebrations. Bonbons look fabulous sitting on a tree, surrounded by glittering Christmas decorations. They make a fabulous accessory for a beautifully wrapped gift. Or as most widely used, they can transform any meal into a Christmas celebration, by being placed across the Christmas plate. Children adore pulling crackers, and discovering the hidden treat inside.

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