While many Christmas decorations are used throughout the holiday season, none compete with the total transformation that tinsel offers. The addition of tinsel is one of the simplest yet most effective ways to completely change a stagnant display into a dazzling array of colour and wonder. During the holiday season, tinsel is especially sought after, specifically high-quality extra thick tinsel that creates a lavish and splendid display. 

While Christmas trees may attempt to steal the festive spotlight, the addition of one of our deluxe pine forest garlands is one of the fastest and simplest ways to create an elegant seasonal display. This is because pine is quintessential to many during the holiday season - no showcase of Christmas decorations is complete without a little green added to the mix. Pine is considered traditional and classic Christmas décor, but it can also be used to great effect in more modern displays. It is ideal for accentuating existing decorations, or for creating fresh focal points throughout the home.

What is Christmas without tinsel? These shiny strands have been around as Christmas decorations for hundreds of years. Originally made from crushed silver and other precious metals, tinsel was first used to adorn sculptures. Around the sixteenth century,it began to be placed on Christmas trees to accent the flickering candles that were used to decorate the tree in those days. 


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Our super deluxe tinsel is easily and immediately recognised by Christmas consumers as being of superior quality. It is perfect for adorning your Christmas tree at home, or for creating garlands. It is also ideal for use in the office, in clubs, retails shops and in high-end department store displays.

Available in a range of attractive Christmas colours that are sure to accent your existing Christmas decorations, be sure to stock up on this tinsel before the holidays are in full swing. You will want to reuse these tinsel garlands time and again when creating lovely showcases that can last all season long.

Super deluxe tinsel is one of the best Christmas decorations for your home or business seasonal displays. The extra thick quality of these tinsel garlands cannot be beaten.The long length of 5.5 metres, with the added thickness of 150 mm, 100 mm or 50 mm by 6 ply or 4 ply make for a tremendous visual impact. The assortment of colours, from traditional red and green to silver, gold and blue, allows for flexible and stylish displays that are sure to dazzle and impress all who see them. 

When looking for a splendid way to add a little festive spirit to your home, consider the inclusion of this pine tinsel. These Christmas decorations are reminiscent of real pine,but offer the long lasting convenience of artificial foliage. They can be used year after year to create an elegant Christmas display. Ideal for creating a natural and traditional look, these festive decorations offer much flexibility. Hang your garlands across stair bannisters, over fireplaces, and even along counters in the kitchen to create instant focal points.

Choose from garland with luxurious velvet poinsettia, lovely bows, metallic bauble clusters, or holly leaves. Each 125 mm wide pine tinsel garland has thickness of 8ply, which it highly durable. The garland measures 5.5 metres in length, so it's perfect for wrapping around almost anything! These garlands are perfect for those looking to create a splendid finish to their Christmas decorations.

Modern times have brought about a lot of changes to tinsel, it now comes in many different colours, and is made from a variety of materials like aluminium and plastic. It is often used to fashion garlands, or to weave through wreaths. The garlands may be found decorating not just trees, but mantels, entryways, furniture and whatever else strikes the fancy of the decorator.

This mixed tinsel comes in many colours and different colour combinations. Traditional gold and silver tinsel is always popular when it comes to Christmas decorations. Other colours, such as blue, purple, red, green and white make lovely accents for any tree or holiday arrangement in a home or place of business.

Our more detailed tinsel items feature multi-coloured garlands with candy canes,snowflakes and holly leaves attached. Colourful dots adorn some of the shiny tinsel,and some of the tinsel garlands have looped ends, while others are shaggy in appearance. Regardless of style or design, there is a tinsel option available to enhanc eany Christmas tree or any other décor.

Tinsel is one of the best-loved Christmas decorations for adults and children alike.The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding ways to use tinsel for any festive occasion.