For individuals or families wanting to create a memorable Christmas front-of-house extravaganza, for offices looking for minimum decorations with maximum impact, or for retail stores hoping to stop traffic with a magical shopfront display, we have a huge range of Christmas decorations and Christmas lights that are sure to hit the mark. Christmas lights are visually enticing, always striking, and whatever theme you're looking for, we have colours, patterns and styles available. Read more...
Our range of Christmas lights is extensive: fairy lights, LED fairy lights, icicle lights, rope lights, fibre optic, traditional still burn, battery operated, curtain and net lights, branch lights, and even solar powered lights. Within each type, there are many styles, pattern and colours.

When considering which light is right for you, the first step is to be clear on your purpose and the mood you are hoping to create. Consider if the lights will be used inside and/or outside. If energy efficiency is a strong consideration for instance, you might opt for solar powered or LED lights. LED lights produce a much brighter shine than traditional bulbs, but also last much longer and use up to 95% less energy.

If you're unsure at any step of the way, our friendly staff can offer advice and guidance on the best lights for your purpose and on our extensive range of related Christmas decorations. We always provide quality items but with such a large selection, we can also cater to any budget. So whether it's for business or pleasure, browse our store for the best in Christmas lights, trees and Christmas decorations, and add a little something special to your celebration this year.

Click here (and then scroll down) for a fabulous video of our Christmas lights and lighting displays.