Create your very own miniature wonderland this holiday season with an assortment of Christmas village figurines. Use figurines to add detail to your creative village scenes and bring your joyful world to life.


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No Christmas village is complete without the subtle nuances of a fully - realized holiday community: the realistic lighted trees, ice - skating rinks, public space features, and of course—the villagers! Add trees, natural features, assorted people, and various landmarks. Your custom - made display will delight even the most Scrooge - like friends and relatives. Watch as your guests lose themselves in the precious details of your prized creation, admire moving pieces, and wonder at how all the tiny lights twinkle and glow. There’s nothing quite as magical as a miniature village lit by the cheerful glow of holiday activities.

Set up your village homes along a display shelf, bookcase, or mantel and begin creating your miniature holiday masterpiece. For more elaborate undertakings, try setting up a tabletop display in your living room, basement, or entryway. Continue a long - established holiday decorating routine or start a new tradition with your family by adding to your miniature village décor. Your family will love arranging the houses and letting their imagination run free while designing their own personal Christmas town. Create something together that you can be proud of while bonding over the precious details of each specialty piece.

Create a realistic visage by including lifelike detailing and twinkling lights. Choose from a varied selection of lampposts, lit fencing, and trees strung with miniature working Christmas lights. Each style has its own unique features to suit the needs and aesthetic taste of your individual world. Because you’re the mayor of Christmas village, you can even arrange for a town visit from Santa and his reindeer. Given the sheer number of possible combinations, each village arrangement you make will be completely different from the last. Your delightful winter - scape will be like none other and is endlessly customizable to suit your tastes and creative impulses.

Each freestanding piece is crafted with an eye for the small details that make a figurine come alive. Whether it’s a landscape detail or group of people, the figurine you choose features a sturdy base to stabilize your piece and preserve the final look of your village. Despite their accommodating base, the design of each piece is meant to blend seamlessly with a white snow backdrop. For best results, use white felt or thin batting to create a custom imitation snow landscape that matches the base of each figure and provides a seasonal touch to your whimsical holiday paradise. When shopping for holiday imitation snow, be sure to opt for a heat resistant flame retardant material to protect the safety of your family.

Pair your figurines with Christmas village sets to give a fuller look to the design scheme. Strike the perfect balance between landscape details, people, and elegant lit houses for the best effects. To add topography and interesting hills to your village, simply slide a book or two under the imitation snow cover and place your house or figurine on top. The soft felt or batting will gloss over the edges, creating the effect of rolling snowy hills. Add fences, walls, and gates to your figure home exteriors or design your very own public park, complete with holiday sledders, campfires, and decorated trees. To establish a unified look across the entirety of your display town, try opting for a figurine multipack, which allows you to use multiple copies of the same miniature item. Try the snowy balsam multipack or the selection of town - style streetlamps to create a coherent look and add a touch of charm to your village.

Each collectible figurine is made from high - quality resin, which means you won’t have to worry about chipping or snapping. Feel confident allowing even your young relatives to handle and place the pieces of their choosing without the risk of breakage. Resin figurines stand up to dropping, long - term storage, and temperature changes so that you can take joy from your growing Christmas village collection year after year.