Shopping Voucher Competitions

From time to time, we run VIP Shopping Voucher competitions with a shopping voucher as the prize. In addition to the dates stipulated on the competition prize page and in the prize description, the following terms and conditions apply to all such competition prizes:

  • Entry to the Competition is available to new and existing members of the Christmas Warehouse VIP club.
  • VIP Shopping Voucher prizes are valid for in-store purchases only, unless expressly stated otherwise on the competition page. The vouchers are not available for online purchases.
  • Vouchers are not transferable and so are redeemable by the winner only. The winner will be asked for photo ID, and the voucher code at the register to verify the prize.
  • Vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash or store credit notes. 
  • Vouchers can only be redeemed for items that are in stock and available in the store in which the voucher is presented at the time the voucher is presented.
  • The voucher amount can be used against the purchase of items in store at the store price ticket price. Prices in the register take automatic precedence over any ticketed price in the case of ticket error.
  • The full amount of the voucher is to be used at one time – change cannot be given in any form.
  • The VIP discount is not applied to items being purchased using a Shopping Voucher prize. The register price will be charged with no additional VIP discount.
  • Vouchers must be fully redeemed by the expiry date. If not redeemed by this date, the voucher will expire.
  • Vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offer that may apply at the time.


The contents on this page form part of and should be read in conjunction with our main 
terms and conditions.