The Christmas Warehouse does not sell display products & samples during the Christmas trading season. There are many reasons for this ... some of them are listed below:

1. We have a huge range and thousands of customers. If a product is sold out and the sample is not on show, many customers will not have the opportunity to see it. Items that sell out are usually available again the next year, and many customers like to get in earlier to get a product they missed out on. It is our aim to show our whole range to all our customers.

2. Workplace health & safety policy dictates that we do not remove displays, use ladders, or create electrical hazards while stores are open and trading at their full capacity.

3. Our stores look wonderful ... to start removing items ruins the experience for so many of our customers.

End Of Season - most display products & samples will be sold

During the last few days of trading in any store, we do sell our display products ... OUR STAFF (BOTH IN-STORE AND AT HEAD OFFICE) DO NOT KNOW WHEN THIS WILL BE ... In fact, these decisions are often made at the last moment.

We DO NOT take names or hold this stock for customers.

Many customers often want to purchase the same item, and in the confusion this causes more problems ... We therefore have a “first-in best-dressed” policy.

We are very aware that many customers will be disappointed, and we deeply regret this. Please remember that, if an item has sold out this year ... we will stock plenty more the following year!

Please check our website regularly for specific store details including the actual dates when display stock will be sold.

The contents on this page form part of and should be read in conjunction with our main terms and conditions.