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Code: TINN4117
Colour: Gold
Size: 5m x 10cm x 8ply
More: 100mm
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

  • Traditional gold metallic pine needle tinsel garland
  • Dimension 5m x 10cm x 8ply
  • Sold individually

    There is more to a set of metallic tinsels that meets the eye. In fact if you use the Gold Metallic 8ply Tinsel Garland - 10cm x 5m, you can make an old plastic Christmas tree look entirely new! Made with durable materials, the Gold Metallic 8ply Tinsel Garland - 10cm x 5m could last a lifetime! The shiny, metallic finish gives this deluxe tinsel an elegant and sophisticated look. Its size and length is also just right for standard to large sized trees. Old Christmas trees deserve to live another holiday celebration. With the use of bright metallic trinkets, you can breathe new life to beat up Christmas decorations. All you have to do is to wrap each tinsel around the tree and let it drape along the sides. You can also add more details by hanging several color coordinated trinkets and you are good to go!