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Code: TINN1117
Colour: Gold
Size: 5m x 15cm x 8ply
More: 150mm
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

15m of the finest gold 8ply tinsel is what you will get when you buy this tinsel garland. This is our strongest and thickest tinsel - coming in at 15cm in width. Perfect for use around the home or commercial use in cafes, restaurants or hotels.

  • Traditional gold metallic pine needle tinsel garland
  • Dimension 5m x 15cm x 8ply
  • Sold individually

    Our strongest, thickest tinsel will enhance your larger Christmas displays and are ideal for restaurants, cafes, and other commercial applications. Shiny gold is the perfect Christmas colour!

    Give your home a boost of elegance by using the Gold Metallic 8ply Tinsel Garland - 15cm x 5m as decorations. This is especially true if you are looking for a more vintage feel when it comes to your holiday trimmings. This super deluxe tinsel is 5 meters long, per tinsel making it long enough to decorate a large portion of your fresh Christmas tree. Since it has a width of about 150 millimeters, you can use this as a canvass for your old school trinkets such as the classic Nutcracker tree ornament and shiny baubles. The tinsel is also suitable for fancying up you window panes, fireplaces and even doors making it an all-around Christmas decorations tool. So when it's time to dress up your home for the holidays, be sure to have Gold Metallic 8ply Tinsel Garland - 15cm x 5m available, to bring back memories of using traditional Christmas decorations.