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Code: LAMM1511
Colour: Red
Size: 300 strands x 1mm x 45cm
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

  • Shredded thin red tinsel strands
  • Simply cut & sprinkle over Christmas tree
  • Dimension 1mm x 45cm (each strand)
  • Sold as 300 strands

    Colourized tinsel was a necessary trimming for a festive tree in the olden times and if you grew up with icicles on your Christmas trees, this Red Lametta decoration will bring a bit of nostalgia that will be very much appreciated.

    Since it is metallic, the ruby red tinsel reflects the light for a mirror-like effect providing a touch of Christmas cheer and a delicate twinkle to your Xmas tree. Your tree will be so pretty to look at that you will be sad to take it down. Don't worry though; you can always preserve them so they'll be used again next Christmas! It is made of shredded thin red tinsel strands with each strand being 45cm in length and 1mm in thickness and the product is sold as 300 strands. It ships worldwide and can also be used as decoration for birthdays, weddings, baby showers, graduations, Halloween parties and much more.