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Code: TINN4118
Colour: Red
Size: 5m x 10cm x 8ply
More: 100mm
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

  • Traditional red metallic pine needle tinsel garland
  • Dimension 5m x 10cm x 8ply
  • Sold individually

    This Red Metallic Tinsel Garland can help you put together many theme ideas that you have for your Christmas tree, including if you want to do one that's inspired by candy canes. It's a theme that's festive and easy to do, and this garland can be a great way to get started.

    This garland can look great on its own, but for a candy cane theme, pairing it with white garland could make it even better. In between each garland strand, use baubles that are plain red and white, and you can also hang as many wrapped candy canes on the tree as you could fit. A red and white tree skirt could be ideal for under the tree, or if you want to add your own special embellishments, you can adhere candy cane confetti onto it. As a tree topper, a red star can be the final touch to your candy cane themed tree.