USB lights are becoming increasingly popular as they are energy-efficient, cost-effective, work efficiently and are globally compatible. Read more...

This means they can be used with any USB ports whether laptops, power banks, our portable USB battery packs, USB solar power source and are even easy to use in the mains wall plugs with our USB transformer. USB lights are better than the disposable AA battery powered string lights as those can run out of power easily especially when you want to use them and there are chances of the batteries leaking all over the casing and your expensive furniture! They are also comparatively costlier than USB lights making them heavy on the wallet and also harmful to the environment. With our rope lights and string lights that come with USB connectors, all you have to do is simply plug them in and get instant brightness for your decorations or your entire home! They are even ideal for special occasions or parties apart from the holidays and are great to give dazzling shine to an office cubicle or business space in full-blown Yuletide spirit using coloured LED lights powered solely by a USB port. Whether it is Christmas, the Yulefest or any other occasion, pick up a few sets of USB lights and there are unlimited things that can be decorated with these Christmas lights.

When you are looking to buy new Christmas lights, portability and ease of use are the two main things that you should take into consideration. Our USB LED rope lights, outdoor tree lights and string lights transform any place into an enchantingly lit wonderland and allow for more permanent usage settings such as hall, living room, patio, or outdoor garden and yard lighting. There are two ways to power these lights – either plug them into a USB port or a USB transformer/power adapter. This is hassle-free as you do not have to worry about changing batteries every time and it also has the added benefits of being economical and better for the environment. They are great to add to your winter theme or can be hung from the gutter railing, wound around poles and can also be used on gazebos, porches, boats, storefronts, foyers and coffee shops.

Easy, convenient and portable lighting

Use them to brilliantly illuminate your hallway, living room, bedroom, dorm room, balconies and fences as well as add some sparkle to your Halloween, Christmas and New Year parties! They contain high quality LED bulbs that consume less power while providing ambient illumination and also maintain a low temperature making them safe to handle or touch after many hours of use. With a variety of special effects to create mood lighting, these lights resemble the whimsical twinkling of stars in the dark night sky and can be used in any place that needs some magical light! Since these lights are crafted from thin yet durable wires, they are flexible enough to be bent and shaped as per your decorating needs. The dark cords are not only camouflaged by the black colour of the night but will also blend nicely into the Christmas greenery as well. The twinkle of these lights is just what you need to keep the blues away and the fact that they are USB powered is like icing on the cake!


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