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Colour: Cool White with Clear Wire Casing
Size: 2.4m with 40cm lead
More: 20 Bulb
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

Bring some light to every area of the house - with these cool white LED lights! They are a perfect size, portable and easy to use!

  • 20 cool white LED's
  • Clear cable casing
  • Static or flash option control switch
  • Dimension 2.4m with 40cm lead
  • Suitable for indoor use only
  • Battery operated
  • 3 x AA Batteries not included
  • Sold individually

    Bring some light to every area of the house - with these cool white LED lights! They are a perfect size, portable and easy to use!

    These lights were designed to make it easier for customers to place lights in difficult areas, in smaller groups, within floral arrangements, or other areas that may not get light otherwise. This set does exactly that, and they look absolutely perfect once placed. They have a fully lighted length of only 1 meter, and then an additional fifty centimetre lead to the battery pack. Because it does operate through batteries, you do not have the hassle of plugging them into extension cords or electrical outlets where they can pose a hazard or be difficult to arrange; besides, no one wants to look at ugly cords! This, all you must do is insert two double A batteries that are not included, place the lights wherever you want them, and turn them on!

    This compact Cool White LED Battery String Light makes it super quick and easy to light up table top displays or indoor ledges with pure white brightness and lightness since it does not need to be positioned near an electrical outlet. Just place this cool white LED string light with its accompanying battery pack wherever you want it then switch it on to shine. You can even choose between a static or flashing lighting effect.

    The convenient length of these battery powered cool white lights make them especially perfect to use as a beautiful and unique light-up table runner that makes a gorgeous, luminous table setting for a special Christmas, wedding, engagement or anniversary party. Or simply swap out the candles from your windows, countertops or dinner table centrepiece for this Cool White LED Battery String Light arranged in bunches, to bring minimalist, modern and stylish lighting with a designer touch to your decor .