Christmas is a time of memories and a joyous reliving of Christmases past. We have preserved here a collection of products from past seasons to inspire and delight, and to keep alive the memory of our past years.

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Christmas products are fascinating in that they follow such variation over time. Colours too follow distinct fashions, ebbing and flowing, changing and evolving as time progresses and tastes change. There was a time for example, over a decade ago, when red and gold were the only colours we could sell. Then reds dropped off the radar to be taken over by silver, with gold and silver replacing the fascination with red. The over a period of 2 years, red staged a magnificent comeback, blitzing all other colours in popularity. Anything that was red, or even matched with red, just flew out the door - we couldn't get enough! Over time, the palette became more sophisticated, with natural colours, as well as blues coming in to complement the reds. As we headed into 2018, 2019 and 2020, gold became the stand out winner. But not ordinary gold - champagne god, rose gold, and all the variations of gold  - things we couldn't move  10 years prior - were suddenly the hottest ticket. Around the same time, the blues and silvers and turquois of the tiffany inspired range gained in popularity as a soft and opulent look steeped in luxury came to the homes of Australia.

Indeed rather than the simple decorations for kids, simple and silly items made for children, the more beautiful adult decorations took over as more and more people wanted to make their home look amazing at Christmas. The children's ranges are small and simple in comparison to the beautiful things that have started coming into vogue for Christmas home decorating. You can really see the change as you look through archived Christmas collections that have changed so much over time.

Further to the evolution of the application of Christmas decorations, so too have the particular items evolved. Gone are the tacky items from the past as more modern designs take over. Rope lights have become wonderfully Australian with designs just for Down Under. Fairy lights are another interesting case. 15 years ago, the most popular lights were sets of 80 bulbs! Now you can get 1,000 bulbs for the same price as those 80 so long ago. Now of course 500 and 1,000 bulb sets are way more popular, and we don't even sell the 80 bulb sets any more. While wreaths and garlands have always been popular, the garlands and wreathes pre-decorated with baubles and picks and ribbons in themed colours are dominating as they're so easy to use and love. Poinsettia picks? They are a stand out winner in terms of becoming more popular. While there are almost none in the old ranges, since 2017 they have taken over the tree decorating space as a simple and stunning way to decorate.

Of course there are some favourites that sometimes have to be retired. Sometimes the manufacturer stopes making them, trends move on, or we simply can't fit them in the range. It's always sad to see old favourites leave the range, but as we all know, beauty is ephemeral, and change is inevitable. As it is in life, so too is it in Christmas decorations ranges. What is important to note is that we follow the trends, and our customers so that we can be in a balance between leading the trends, and following our customers lead, both guiding, and supporting.

Christmas Warehouse has been online since 2000, one of the earliest e-commerce sites in Australia. While the range here on display doesn't have much that was in the range so long ago, you may still see echoes of that time. Or even a glimpse back as far into the past as our printed catalogue days!

Without a doubt, our evolving range and customer engagement has led us on an ever-changing path. We're grateful we can show the past to you, and keep the Christmas dream alive!