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Code: LITEUB33
Colour: Multi Colour
Size: 13.75m
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  • 350 Multi colour string lights
  • Lights have a USB connector & mains power transformer
  • Low voltage lights
  • 8 special effect functions with timer
  • 13.75m in dimension
  • Outdoor use
  • Product complies with Australian safety & performance requirements
  • Sold individually

    These Multi Colour Outdoor Tree Lights With USB Connector let you do exactly what it promises: decorate trees, shrubs or greenery in cheerful and dazzling pops of vibrant colour. Watch your lawn, garden or backyard sparkle with life in a merry rainbow of festive red, green, blue and orange lights. Not just for Christmas, these multi-coloured tree lights are perfect for lighting up any outdoor space all year round. You can even select from 8 different special effects to set the exact mood lighting you would like for any occasion or time of year.

    While these multi-coloured tree lights are specifically designed for safe use outdoors because of their low voltage, they are just as great for putting up indoors as you please. It is also convenient to use these Multi Colour Outdoor Tree Lights With USB Connector anywhere since they can be connected to any USB power supply such as power banks or laptops and do not have to be positioned near an electrical source.