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Code: CERA1725
Colour: White with Champagne
Size: 14cm x 30mm x 14cm
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

It is the small touches that truly complete your Christmas decorating - and this standing ornament will do just that. White ceramic with Champagne coloured accenting - this piece will fit nicely into any decorating theme you may have

  • Free standing star ornament
  • White ceramic star with shiny champagne finish on the inside edge
  • Dimension 14cm x 30mm x 14cm
  • Sold individually

    Bring the Christmas decorating to even the smallest of areas of your home. This standing star ornament will bring the sparkle to any area you choose.

    A fast-selling item, our three-dimensional star ornament with champagne accent stripe is a stunning piece of holiday decoration that looks very modern and artistic. You will agree when you see how beautifully the outer white ceramic hollowed star is crafted in geometric fashion with a shiny champagne finish on the inside edge giving a fun play with the light as its inside sides and edges reflect light and respond to shadows.

    Standing 14cm tall and 14cm wide with a thickness of 30mm, this freestanding star ornament is sold individually and can be shipped worldwide. Give a festive personality to your home or business atmosphere by placing this striking decorative piece among your Christmas tabletop displays, on the desk, hearth, coffee or end table, buffet, or kitchen counter. You can combine it with silver metallic baubles to create a holiday vignette on the mantel, counter or in the foyer of your place.