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Code: LITECN81
Colour: Cool White in Clear Tube
Size: 60cm x 70cm with 10cm lead
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

  • 4 clear tube wave connectable garden stakes with 10 LED's per stake
  • All 'Lighting Connect' lights, power sources & accessories are sold separately
  • Create lighting displays by connecting multiples of same or mixed light sets
  • Clear wire casing & black stake
  • 8 special effects including still burn (This function is on the power source adapter)
  • Dimension 60cm x 70cm (including stake) with 10cm lead
  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • Product complies with Australian safety & performance requirements
  • Sold as 4 stakes only, power source sold separately
  • All 'Lighting Connect' lights, power sources & accessories are designed for the use with 'Lighting Connect' products only

    This is a pack of four stake lights. They are a cool white that burns brightly when lit up, and each stake has ten miniature light bulbs inside. They are easily strung and connected so that you can place them anywhere outside. Many people like to use them to illuminate gardens, footpaths, and walkways through yards up front steps. This is a great way to get that effect. They are easy to place and require no setup other than inserting them into the ground wherever you want them. Wire casings are black, and the base and stem of the stake light are black as well. This easily blends them in with the surrounding area so that all you will see is the light once it gets dark outside. Additional sets can be connected and plugged in with no effort in order to extend the lighted path.