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Colour: White
Size: 19cm x 19cm x 30cm
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  • 3D Angel in white fabric dress with ceramic face
  • Top your tree with this lovely white tree top angel & white feathered wings
  • Dimension 19cm x 19cm x 30cm
  • Sold individually

    The adorable Angel With White Dress & Ceramic Face Tree Top Decoration will definitely make any Christmas tree look more interesting. Angels are very big this Christmas and will always remain as a classic. This design never goes out of style. The angel figurine looks very grand and regal, with a pristine dress that sparkles and catches the light very well. The face of the angel is very unique too and a joy to look at. With this, your tree will look even more charming. Everyone, especially kids, love angels so this makes a stunning statement piece. As it is white, you need not worry about combining it with other colors. The size of the Angel With White Dress & Ceramic Face Tree Top Decoration makes it ideal and versatile. It can easily be put and will look great together with your other tree decorations. The feathered wings add a nice touch, making the angel look dainty.