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Code: PICK2149
Colour: Silver & Green
Size: 12cm x 80mm x 20cm

  • Assorted silver glittered fruit pick with silver & green glittered foliage
  • Dimension 12cm x 80mm x 20cm
  • Sold individually

    What better way to create that vibe this Christmas with the Assorted Silver Glittered Fruit Decorative Pick. It is made of silver and green glittered foliage and silver glitter. It is easy to fasten with its alligator clip. For the best effect, buy in sets more than 1

    Make this Christmas a classic one for your loved ones. You can use these decorations indoors and outdoors to the delight of your family and friends. Its traditional silver and fruit decor will make a great addition to any LED tree. For the best effect, use it for any winter-themed Christmas tree. You'll be glad you used them as a finishing touch to your Christmas tree. A unique way you could use them is to put many of them in a transparent vase, or to decorate garlands, especailly when you purchase more than one of them. Get yourself an Assorted Silver Glittered Fruit Decorative Pick