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Code: SKRT1713
Colour: Blue, Light Blue & Silver
Size: 1.2m x 1.2m
More: 1.2m

A beautiful tree skirt celebrating the iconic colours and style of Tiffany, a glamorous way to finsih your tree and be the envy of your friends. Blue and silver with a luxurious silver corded trim this tree skirt will boldly go where none of your previous tree skirts have been.

  • 'Tiffany inspired' blue with silver glittered filigree pattern on sheer organza Christmas tree decoration
  • Includes light blue satin border & silver piping
  • Round shape border
  • Dimension 1.2m x 1.2m
  • Place at the base of your Christmas tree or cover any surface to brighten the room with Christmas cheer
  • Included velcro tabs for securing in place
  • Christmas tree skirts can be used in any room & are great for hiding cables or stands
  • Sold individually

    The Tiffany Blue With Silver Pattern, Light Blue Trim & Silver Cord Tree Skirt performs several practical functions which is why you cannot afford to miss out on it while it is still in stock. It is made in a perfectly round shape of 1.2 metres. The light blue trim is made of satin fabric while the tiffany blue coloured centre is made of sheer organza fabric with intricate silver patterns.

    The function of this soft hued Christmas tree skirt include helping to hide the unseemly roots of Xmas trees, keeping the tree base clean, serving as a spot where Christmas gifts can be kept until the D-day, and providing a cosy spot where household pets such as dogs and cats can lounge while enjoying the feel of the velvety fabric. Apart from all these, it is also a great decorative ornament with a soft hued palette that would create a cool, cosy Christmas atmosphere wherever it is used. With its 1.2 metres size and a slit side, it is easy to install and wide enough to fit most Xmas trees.