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Code: DECRH526
Colour: Blue, Red, Green & Yellow
Size: 75mm x 25mm x 10cm
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

  • Tropical design pair of thongs / flip-flops with blue strap hanging decoration
  • Dimension 75mm x 25mm x 10cm
  • Sold individually

    This unique and one of a kind decorating product which comes in a dimension of 75mm x 25mm x 10 cm, is one with a tropical designs and can be used as a decorative piece or hanging decorating piece in the forms of flip - flops, sandals or also as thongs. The body of these tropical designed decorative item is attached with a blue ribbon which you can use as a hanging strap and can be hung anywhere for the d�cor purpose. So, if you are planning a party this festive season in a hippie style, these pair of tropical thongs are a must have in your collection of decorative items.