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Code: CERA1711
Colour: Red & Green with Blue, Black & White
Size: 30cm x 17cm x 22cm
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  • Ceramic red Christmas pick up truck 'Urgent Cookie Delivery' cookie Jar with green Christmas tree lid
  • Fun & functional
  • Great to use for lollies, nuts, biscuits - or of course cookies!
  • Dimension 30cm x 17cm x 22cm
  • Sold individually

    The Christmas season brings out nostalgia and the little kid in us wanting the pleasure of consuming candies and different sweets while being surrounded by festive cheer this time of year. So bring back the memories of picking out the family Christmas tree with this Ceramic red Christmas pickup truck and relive the days when cutting down your own Christmas tree and bringing it home was the norm.

    Apart from a fun tabletop decoration, this also serves as an 'Urgent Cookie Delivery' cookie jar with the green Christmas tree lid at the back of the truck that can be opened and closed for adding in cookies, nuts, candies, biscuits, lollies and whatnots! This toy jar features a bright red truck with a cut Christmas tree on the back decorated with red baubles. Front of the truck is decorated with a green bow wreath. Place it on a table or mantle to complete your holiday decor.