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Code: CERA1825
Colour: Silver, Red, Gold & Green
Size: 19cm 10cm x 11cm

  • Ceramic ' JOY ' standing ornament with shiny silver outline
  • Front facing letters glittered with red J, gold O & green Y
  • Dimension 19cm x 10cm x 11cm
  • Sold individually

    This colourful JOY standing ornament represents the line, 'Tis the season to be jolly' and gives the message of sharing joy and happiness with everyone around! The front-facing letters have red, gold and green glitter trim for a little glimmer and glitz.

    This item is beautifully crafted from ceramic with a shiny silver finish on the surface giving a fun play with the light as its sides and surface reflect light and respond to shadows. Suitable for any special occasion or seasonal display, just place this freestanding trinket among your Christmas tabletop displays or on your wall unit shelf to give a cheerful personality to your home or business atmosphere. It can be bought as only one piece per order and has a total length of 19cm with 10cm width and is 11cm in height with a worldwide shipping availability. So you can bring some joy home wherever you are or send this optimistic decorative piece to someone as a keepsake.