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Code: DECRH855
Colour: Champagne
Size: 12cm x 50mm x 14cm
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

This striking hanging ornament will command a front position on your tree! The champagne deer is in a standing position with magnificent antlers taking centre stage

  • Striking hanging ornament in champagne
  • Decoration is a large standing deer with magnificent antlers
  • Dimension 12cm x 50mm x 14cm
  • Sold individually

    A deer in champagne is the perfect way to bring majesty to your Christmas decorating.

    With its fetching champagne exterior and outdoorsy essence, this deer hanging ornament is a must-have accessory for the cheery, festive season that will instantly put you in the holiday spirit! Wonderfully reflective of the light, this 14cm tall bauble gives the luxe look and will shine brilliantly under the tree lights along with the other trinkets.

    Elegantly shaped like a standing deer with metallic antlers and tail, this high-shine textured ornament will bring modern festive charm to any area of your place as well as a stylish wilderness feel to any surface over Xmas and throughout the season. This comes with a shining thin gold hanging string, tied to a loop on its back and is easy to add to your tree giving it an element of class. You don't have to limit this little deer only to the tree, of course! Hang it anywhere in your home you see fit!