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Code: DECRH936
Colour: Champagne
Size: 13cm x 14cm

There can never be too many diamonds in one's life, and of course if you're using elegant golds and champagnes, you'll need something that fits right in. Well here it is! A star shaped snowflake that will will enhance anything you do this Christmas.

  • Snowflake shape
  • Champagne metal symmetrical snowflake hanging decoration
  • Six dendrites come out from the core
  • 24 clear diamante in almond shape frames & a feature faux gem in centre
  • Dimension 13cm x 14cm
  • Gold string for easy hanging
  • Sold individually

    Imagine a decorative ornament that combines the inviting look of champagne with the refreshing feel of snowflakes in addition to the shiny brilliance of diamante. Sounds like it doesn�t exist? Believe it or not, it does and we�ve decided to call it the Champagne Star Snowflake Encrusted Diamante Hanging Ornament. At a discounted price, you can have this included in your Xmas decoration.

    The Champagne Star Snowflake Encrusted Diamante Hanging Ornament features a resplendent hanging ornament made of champagne coloured metal crafted in such an amazing pattern resembling that of a snowflake. The beautification doesn�t stop just there; it goes further to include encrusted diamante in shapely, well cut form. There are six outstretched arms of the snowflake design. At the centre of these outstretched snowflake arms is a radiantly glowing, spherical shaped diamante encrusted perfectly for the perfect decorative purpose. This ornament would look amazing when hung on Christmas trees. It even comes with a gold-coloured chain for easy hanging option.