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Code: XMACH161
Colour: Red & Green
Size: 25cm x 27cm
Shipping: This product ships worldwide

  • Christmas party headband with ribbons, sequins, tulle, & a cure green pom pom
  • One size fits most
  • Dimension 25cm x 27cm
  • Sold individually

    This Christmas Party Headband is going to help make you the life of the party. It's an accessory for those who are determined to have a good time, forget about their troubles for a while, and attend a holiday gathering while sporting this headband and enjoying the company of good people.

    Every part of this headband is meant to be festive and help to put you in a cheerful frame of mind. Should you feel that your green and red ensemble needs a little more of those colours, you can achieve the colour scheme from head to toe thanks to this headband. Even if you don't want to wear any green or red attire to a Christmas gathering, but you're still going to wear this accessory, this headband will let everyone know that you're in the Christmas spirit and ready to celebrate all the great things the season has to offer.