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Code: OUDRS247
Colour: Cool & Warm White
Size: 55cm x 64cm with 3m lead

  • Illuminated ice crystal stellar dendrite LED rope light motif
  • Symmetrical snowflake pattern
  • Light display includes 192 cool white LED concave bulbs outer flake & warm white LED concave bulbs inner flake in clear tube
  • Bulb spacing 42mm
  • Static burn illumination with twinkle bulbs
  • Dimension 55cm x 64cm with 3m lead
  • Black lead wire casing
  • Static burn illumination with 16 twinkle bulbs
  • Mounted frame with loop for easy display
  • Mains power operated with low voltage adapter - 36v 6w
  • Suitable for outdoor & indoor use
  • Outdoor use requires adapter to be secure from any effects of weather
  • Product complies with Australian safety & performance requirements
  • Sold individually

    Nothing says Christmas more than fancy snowflake-shaped lights that illuminate whole rooms. Get one today!

    Snowfall and snowflakes have been romanticised for ages through popular media, making snow an inseperable part of Christmas celebrations. At Christmas Warehouse, we recognise this love for the snowflake pattern, so we have a Christmas decorative light that's inspired by this very thing. The rope light silhouette is an illuminated ice crystal-shaped rope light. Its symmetrical design is pleasing to the eye while the cool and warm white light bulbs make a brilliant combination. It is made using a total of 192 LED concave bulbs - warm white in the inner flake and cool white in the outer flake - each spaced at an equal distance of 42mm from one another, perfect to provide uniform illumination throughout the night. These bulbs are encased in a clear tube, which makes it suitable for indoor and outdoor use with ease. Get this light today!